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      Flowgate offers consulting, development and training services in information security, software engineering and GNU/Linux software.

      Flowgate counts on a team of professionals with solid expertise in information security, networking and software engineering, with both corporate and academic global exposure.


      Corporate Profile
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      + Partner Checkpoint
      Flowgate has developed a partnertship with Checkpoint, global leader in perimeter protection products and VPNs

      + RGR & CER
      Flowgate has recently signed a contract with the Registro General Rosario and with the Colegio de Escribanos de la 2da Circunscripción, to assist them with information security and software engineering aspects to improve their computing infrastructures.

      + FONTAR Grant
      The Fondo tecnológico Argentino (FONTAR) has distinguished Flowgate Consulting with a grant. With its support, Flowgate Consulting will tackle the last stages of development of GTL, the first operating system with multilevel security features fully designed and developed in South America.

      + FG-Tools
      Flowgate R+D is proud to announce the availability of some free tools to share with the global security research community.

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